• Total Care

Total Care

Chemical elements:
N 120 g/l P2O5 10 g/l
K2O 35 g/l B 1 g/l
Mn 20 g/l Zn 6 g/l
Cu 4 g/l

Total-Care is a liquid complex fertilizer with micro elements and amino acids. It is used for foliar fertilization and seed dressing.


·        Excellent seed dressing with nutrients. It provides the plant with all the necessary elements and improves yield.

·        Improves effectiveness and tolerability of post-emergence herbicides sprays.

·        Provides effective plant growth in extreme weather conditions.

·        Alleviates growth deficiencies and increases protein content of soya.

·        Instantly assimilated by the plant.

·        It is mixed with traditional plant protection products.

                     All crops

        Recommended application

For stress-triggered by the weather (cold, wet,dry)

4 – 6 l/ha. Upon application with backpack sprayer 0,5%.

Seed dressing

2 – 4 l/t

With post-emergence herbicides

3 – 6 l/ha



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