• YaraMila CROPCARE 11-11-21

YaraMila CROPCARE 11-11-21

Chemical elements:
N 11% P2O5 10.5%
K2O 21.2% MgO 2.6%
SO3 25% B 0.05%
Fe 0.08% Mn 0.25%
Zn 0.04% Mg 1.6%
S 10% Mo 0.002%

91225 (118,39 kB)

YaraMila Cropcare 11-11-21 is a high quality granulated NPK fertilizer for chlorine sensitive crops.

It has as rapidly available nitrate as slower assimilated ammonium nitrogen. Yara Mila Cropcare 11-11-21 feeds plant in early and middle periods of development.

YaraMila CROPCARE 11-11-21 contains phosphorus in available form that assist the active root growth and gives the young plant a good start. The use of potassium sulfate with low chlorine reduces the loading on culture favorable to it and also on young plant. Sulfur is one of the basic elements that plays the important role in ensuring the optimal passage processes in plant. Sulfur deficiency leads to inefficient use of Nitrogen.

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